The DASL is a non profit organization with its headquarters at National Diabetes Centre (NDC) 50, Sarana Mawatha Rajagiriya. It is the only organization in Sri Lanka committed to serve the diabetic fraternity of the country through primary and secondary prevention, education, awareness and advocacy.   more>>

Research Project

Evaluation of risk factors in the development of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in a young urban population in Sri Lanka.
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    School based Diabetes Education, Awareness and Prevention Campaign

Executive Screening Package:

Includes FBS / HbA1c / Lipid Profile / Liver Profile / Renal Profile / ECG / FBC

Standard Screening Package:
Includes FBS / Serum Creatinine / Lipid profile / HbA1c / Urine Albumin / Sugar / Micro Albumin / ECG

Wellness Program: Includes FBS / Lipid profile / Fat assessment / Anthropometry / Physical assessment / Stress assessment / Lifestyle modification.