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Diabrisk-sl : Evaluation of risk factors in the development of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and correction through non pharmocological Life Style Modification in Young Urban Sri Lankan Population

The study objective was aimed at reducing the burden of T2DM with a low cost primary prevention strategy.

It was a randomised control parallel group clinical trial based on cluster sampling. 23,296 (5-40 yrs) healthy young urban subjects (males 47%) were screened for 4 risk factors (RFs): increased BMI, increased waist circumference (WC), Physical inactivity (PA), and family history (FH). 23% of participants had ≥2Risk factors (n = 5164) while 4682 volunteered to be followed up for 4 years with advice on Intensive-Life style modification [Study ] (3 monthly n= 2352) and Less Intensive –Life style modification [Control ] (12 monthly n= 2330) on a one to one basis.

Results: Baseline

  • 23% had 2 or more risk factors
  • Physical Inactivity 39%;>WC 31.7%; first degree family history 26.2%;>BMI 20.9%
  • Dysglycaemia <20yrs – 8.2%, [DM + pre-DM] >20yr – 22.1% and Overall- 15.3%

Final results:

  • RELATIVE RISK REDUCTION [RRR] in new onset of type 2 Diabetes 26%
  • RRR of IGT 18%
  • Primary endpoints 9%
  • Regression from prediabetes to normoglycaemia 50%

Diabrisk-sl is a study carried out by the DASL in collaboration with the Metabolic Unit of  Kings College London –UK.

This project was supported by a BRIDGES Grant from the International Diabetes Federation. BRIDGES, an International Diabetes Federation project, was supported by an educational grant from Lilly Diabetes and a grant awarded from the Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka.


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