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Health Shop

Health Shop

NDC Health Shop was opened in 2016 to assist PLWD to access healthy products such as whole grain products, traditional rice and other wholesome dry food items which are not easily available in shops. We stock the following products :-

  • Traditional rice varieties- Suwadel, Kalu keenati, Pachchaperumal, Ran Kahawanu, Dik Wee, Rosa Kekulu, Kuruluthuda and Madathawalu
  • Flour varieties- Kurakkan flour, Pachchaperumal rice flour, Red rice flour, Roasted red rice flour, Suwadel rice flour, Chick pea flour, Atta flour
  • Pulses and legumes- Bean super mix, dhal super mix, chick pea, red beans, green gram, kollu, soya beans, white beans, brown beans, wattana, konda kadala
  • Porridges- mix cereal porridge, horse gram porridge, kaluheenati porridge, kurrakkan porridge, olu rice porridge, suwadel porridge, karapincha with garlic porridges, hathawariya porridge, katupila porridge
  • Herbal drinks- Belimal tea, cinnamon tea, ginger coffee, iramusu tea, karapincha tea, kothalakimbutu tea, masbedda tea, inguru kottamalli, rasakinda herbal tea, ranawara tea, welmee tea, weniwel tea
  • Ready to eat foods- Kaluheeneti Noodles, suwadel Noodles, suwadel string hoppers, kaluheeneti string hoppers