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Specialist Clinics

Specialist Clinics

Specialist Clinics for Registrants of the Insulin Bank

Dental Camp

Dr Nithin Selvarkumar, periodontist and implantologist working in Chennai, India volunteered his services to conduct a two day free dental camp for our registrants. This was organized to improve awareness on reduced dental health and gum disease due to inadequate control as it is a a hidden complication. Dr Nithin saw over 100 PLWT1D during his short stay. Referrals were made to local dentists to follow up on the persons with gum and dental problems.

Special Clinic by a Peadiatric Endocrinologist

Dr Danelle Van de Kaay a Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist from Netherlands and Mrs Angie Middlehurst, Specialised Paediatric Nurse and Education Manager of Life for A Child programme Australia, conducted special clinics and counseling sessions for YPLWT1D and the families over a period of 12 days. Their travel and services were provided free of charge by the Life for a Child programme Australia. This was greatly appreciated by the families and YPLWY1Ds. Dr Danelle continues to support our programme by providing lancets. A Day camp was held during this period to enhance self management.

Special Medical Consultation

Vice President of the DASL, Dr Manilka Sumunasekera Consultant Endocrinologist conducts regular medical camps to improve improve the control of T1DM registrants to avoid complications. This has led to change of regime for approximately 40 poorly controlled PLWT1Ds where DASL purchases better quality insulin to optimize control. They are reviewed and reassessed from time to time.