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Education and Awareness

Education and Awareness

Education, Awareness and Screening programmes

DASL conducts direct and indirect education, awareness and screening programmes [EAS] in a bid to educate the general public. Conventional methods of direct education consists of day to day education of persons attending the Annual Screening for Complication of Diabetes at the NDC, presentations and workshops. Indirect education is conducted through electronic, printed and social media on a regular basis.

The methodology of EAS programmes is translational, evidence based on “Diabrisk-sl”, a collaborative research study conducted at the NDC together with Kings College[1]. Study population consisted of urban young between the age of 10 – 40 years living in and around the capital Colombo, where risk factor identification in the development of diabetes and metabolic disease was carried out were persons with 4 or more risk factors were followed up for 4 years with low cost non pharmacological lifestyle modification.

Our EAS programme is provided free of charge to communities and persons in work settings. However, being a NGO, most private sector organizations make a donation to cover costs which is greatly appreciated.

These services include

  • An interactive presentation followed by a Q & A session by a health care professional
  • Risk assessment includes anthropometric measurements of height, weight for BMI, waist, blood pressure and random BGL using a gluco meter.
  • Persons at risk receive individualize counselling on how to reduce or correct their risk to prevent illness.

Feel free to contact us if your organization wishes to conduct a EAS programme. Telephone 0112883318 or email